Our Birthing Story: Contractions

This story is about me, my husband, and our daughter.
I was told to just wait and let Monica come out when she’s ready. I did my share of walking, swimming, exercising – to get ready for her big day.
We went to the OB for our weekly check-up on Thursday, June 23. It was also the 39th week of Monica inside my tummy. I told Dra. Soci that I’ve been having contractions and had barely slept for a couple of days; I also told her I just had a pinkish discharge before meeting with her. She said it’s my body getting ready for labor. She did an internal exam and found out I was 2cm dilated already. Since it’s still early to tell, she sent us home and advised to just relax and wait.
Since Beej already took a leave, we went to the mall and walked (and walked and walked). From Greenbelt to SM, in between walks, I would have contractions and would stop for a few minutes.
On our way home, Beej was already monitoring my contractions. Around 6pm we reached home and my contractions were every 5-7 minutes already but pain was still manageable.I said I would still do some exercise but around 9pm, pain became intense and Beej decided we go to the hospital already.
Makati Medical Center, Delivery Room, June 23, 9:30PM. The resident OB checked and found out my dilation did not progress as it’s still 2cm. We were sent home because it’s still not progressing and the contractions were not regular.
We had light dinner at 11PM and went home. I was not able to sleep as contractions were becoming painful and regular again. I was crying and Beej was worried and decided we go back to the hospital. At 5Am we’re back at the hospital and at last my dilation progressed and it becamce 3cm. I was admitted and brought to the labor room.

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Din Bautista

Hello! Welcoming you to my life through words and photos. My name is Din Real Bautista. I am proud full-time Homemaker. Most of the time, I am busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. The rest of my time, I am making sure my life is better outside social media.

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