Day 21: Quarantine Life

How are you all keeping up? Day 21 and it seems unreal to be locked up at home for this long. I know it’s not the same for everybody; each one of us have battles and just winging it day by day.

“Mommy I miss swimming, I miss the beach” said Monica. So yesterday, I asked Beej to look for a small inflatable pool when he went to the grocery. I was hesitant at first because we have limited space but this lockdown has taught me to make use of what we have and appreciate even the smallest of things. For 21 days, our small balcony has been a source of sunshine, literally and figuratively. And now it has become an additional source of joy for my little girl.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to see things differently through these challenging times

#LifeUpdate: Monica’s doing okay, even though she misses going outside, she has not thrown any tantrums yet. I’ve been really blessed to have her. She would just play all day; do some worksheets, read and draw, and of course watch Paw Patrol. She would hug us every now and then and will say I Love You out of the blue.

Beej has been really productive while working from home. I’ve seen a different aspect of him – he does his work really well! Not only that, he helps in the house chores, too aside from being the runner to the grocery. He does the sanitizing and the washing of his clothes every after supermarket trip. So far he still allows me to watch KDrama till dawn and even shares my kilig and happiness (until when kaya HAHA). Most importantly, he’s doing a good job in keeping us alive, well-fed, and happy. <3

As for me, my days seem to be the usual except that I don’t get to go out often. Most of my time is spent on binge-watching K-Dramas to be honest and that’s okay. It takes my mind away from worrying too much so why not, right? I’ve also come to appreciate Monica’s teachers even more. Everyday, she would ask for activities and I have no choice but indulge her interest in learning. Teaching is really a noble job! Mahirap ha! Haha. Thank you to the people who send out activities for her, it means a lot. At least I get to observe how she is learning and how much she enjoys it. I’ve been enjoying waking up at around 7-8am, going to the balcony with Monica and get some vitamin D while listening to Shout To the Lord worship song. It’s ironic that while things are chaotic outside, things are getting better inside our home. And it’s okay to think that way.

Every night I pray that this pandemic comes to an end soon. My heart breaks for the patients and their families; for the brave frontliners who keep the society going; for all of us who have been confined to this new season of normalcy. This, too, shall pass.

Keep safe and do your best to find happiness amidst sorrow. Donate and/or help if you are able. Post happy thoughts, happy photos. Share useful information. Speak what’s on your mind but please be careful with the intent. Lastly, do things that keep you sane, whatever floats your boat, I’d say. <3


Trendy Home with Classic Blue: Learn from Peaches De Guzman-Grey

Do you also feel relaxed when you look at the sky or when you’re at the beach just staring at the blue water? I asked because I do. Looking at anything blue just makes me calmer and at ease. Luckily, this year, Pantone announced that Classic Blue is the color of 2020 and experts say it gives the feeling of calmness and confidence, “highlighting one’s desire for a dependable and stable foundation as we go on to the new year.”

So for a homemaker like me, incorporating the Classic Blue in our little home is a need, to help us get thru crazy or stressful days. For me, a clean and organized home makes my day really sunny, adding a touch of blue will surely drive the stress away!

Peaches De Guzman-Grey, KDG Interior’s Principal Interior Designer, said that “classic blue is very interesting because it symbolizes many things and gives impression of stability and honesty which can be associated with many objects.”

Peaches, generously shares and expertise and advice in decorating homes with Classic Blue:

  1. GO BACK TO BASICS — Peaches said it’s very important to consider preferences and lifestyle before deciding what style works better. I agree with her; we have a small condo and with a 3-year old toddler, space has always been a challenge. We want her to have enough space to play and walk around and at the same time I want our things to be organized especially now that we have lots of toys and books to think about. So our home is very minimalist just so it can accommodate our needs.
Photo by KDG Interiors

2. DESIGN ACCORDING TO FUNCTIONALITY — She mentioned that it’s important to design spaces according to its use. Each space is used for specific tasks hence details are very much a requirement. Peaches said “if you are going to decide specifics such as furniture or lighting, always consider the room’s function…” Based on experience, every space in our little home serves specific purpose, so choosing furniture and even as simple as kitchenware requires so much deliberation.

Photo by KDG Interiors

3. INCORPORATE CLASSIC BLUE IN PLACES WHERE YOU WANT TO BE RELAXED. As mentioned above, looking at classic blue can help us relax so I agree when Peaches said that we need to incorporate Blue in spaces we want to be relaxed. It can be in the bedroom or living room; I guess a simple piece such as blue clock or blue display or blue blanket is fine.

Photo by KDG Interiors

4. USE NEUTRAL COLORS AND JUST INJECT THE BLUE AS AN ACCENT. Peaches shared that she always sticks to natural palettes especially in “walls and furniture.” She advised that we can get classic blue throw pillows, accent chairs, or even carpet.

Photo by KDG Interiors

5. UNDERSTAND THAT DESIGNING IS A PROCESS. It’s normal to have a lot of designs in mind. Sometimes it depends on your mood or depends on what you see when you visit a store, but Peaches reminds us that we have to think of how the designs will work for us for a long time and not just follow a specific trend. She also said that “practicality plays a big role.”

Photo by KDG Interiors

6. BE FLEXIBLE. While Peaches believe that Classic Blue is the lucky color this year, she still wants us to be flexible in decorating our homes, meaning we can’t overdo it as these types of trend changes easily. So it’s best to accentuate using classic blue through accessories and not make drastic changes and decorate accordingly.

Photo by KDG Interiors

I love the simple tips that Peaches provided for us – doable and at the same time, relatable. It’s important to come home to a place where you can really feel at ease and relaxed after a long and tiring day. It also feels nicer if we have this feeling in a home we call our own.

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