Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Welcome to Toddlerhood!
I have not been able to keep up with this blog. Why? Because we have a toddler now! And people are right, there will be no to little alone or quiet time when you have a toddler! I know, I know, we have just begun and there will be more to come! Haha
Monica made her first real steps a day before her birthday. A week after, she can walk fast and straight already, wobbly for a bit but still good! She didn’t use any andador, walkers, or anything. She learned by cruising and her stand was firm because of her many, many floor time. I allowed her to crawl anywhere she pleases. And I think it helped her a lot.
At first we were really proud and excited! First time parents, what do you expect? But lately, I would dream of the infant Monica because this stage is really tiring! She would really explore, walk, scream, laugh, anything! Haha.
She has also become a picky eater. When she hit 1, things changed. I never had a problem feeding her anything, but now, it takes A LOT OF EFFORT to feed her solids. She would just grab the boobies and latch. Yes, exclusively breastfeeding for almost 16 months now. Feeding her solid food stresses me at times because I am worried she won’t get enough nutrition but the pedia told me it’s normal and I won’t have to worry since her weight and height are above average.
Too many milestones! Yes, that’s right. She can already say more than 20 words, just say a word and she will repeat. When she hit 1 year and 2 months, she learned her body parts already (and say it). At 1 year 3 months, she already knows all the letters in the alphabet. She would practice on her own and look at the chart. She will say the letters when she sees one. And believe me, there are letters anywhere! Haha.
Oh no, before you think that we force her or we teach her too much, stop. The reason why we “teach” her is because she showed interest first. I guess the credit goes to her books. We would buy her books every week and she got accustomed to it. She loves books. Good thing!
Social skills I believe is at par also. She loves being with other kids – she enjoys playing. But she would cry when she sees “strangers”. I was told it’s normal and it’s actually a developmental milestone. It’s just a phase so no worries.
Each baby is different. That’s true. But as a parent, it is normal to feel proud of every (and any) thing that yoru baby does. No matter how big or small, whatever your baby does, you will feel proud. Haha. I swear! Even a very sweet smile is already a reason to be proud. Hahahaha.
If you ask me how we are as parents? I am not an OC mom. Weird ba? I just let her. I trust Monica and just let her. Beej is more protective which is understandable. #DaddysGirl. Haha.
Anyhow, too early to tell. But for now, Monica, at 15 months – I guess, it’s safe to say that Beej and I are doing okay in raising her. The real challenge begins when she hit adulthood. Okay, sige teenager. Haha.
So there. That’s the Monica update! <3
Till next!