Our Little Bacon. <3
I don’t know, it must be just mother’s instinct or probably it was just my brain commanding of what I should think and feel. But the moment I knew I was pregnant, I knew it was gonna be a girl.  I just felt it and knew.
In the first few weeks of my pregnancy, a lot of people would reaffirm what I was feeling. They kept telling me that our baby’s a girl – they say because I was blooming and did not look pregnant at all. Yey. Haha.
We initially gave our baby a nickname – Baconette, well short for little bacon. Because, who does not love bacons right??? Haha. So that’s why I called our baby, Baconette. Okay. Okay.
Baconette was really active in my tummy, her measurements were all good, and she’s always been well inside.
When we confirmed that we were indeed having a girl, I told Beej I want to name her MONICA. Few months into our dating stage, I dreamt of giving birth to a baby girl and named her Monica. Ever since then, I would always look forward to have my own baby girl. Beej agreed right away. You might ask why? I don’t know as well. It’s possible that I got Monica from watching FRIENDS over and over. Hehe.
For the other name, I wanted a name that starts with D, why? WALA LANG, gusto ko D. Okay lang? Haha. So I have (Yes I decided haha) come up with Dareen. Again, gusto ko lang. Ayos lang? Some of the people I know just laughed about the name Monica, I was hurt actually then realized, kebs nyo ba? I know in my heart that Monica is perfect name for our baby.  HUGOT pala. HAHAHA.
<3 13325537_1003351956425320_2337534937823267052_n

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Din Bautista

Hello! Welcoming you to my life through words and photos. My name is Din Real Bautista. I am proud full-time Homemaker. Most of the time, I am busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. The rest of my time, I am making sure my life is better outside social media.

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