Hey, 2020

I promise to blog more this 2020. I know this is what I want and all I need is consistency. And a lot of authenticity. <3

I officially entered the “mommy blogging world” in 2019 – worked with amazing brands, partnered with different online stores, became visible in events, and so much more. Getting too excited seemed underrated, I was actually over the moon at first. To be really honest, I was blinded with likes, follows, invites. Sa totoo lang, iba talaga ang feeling especially for a stay-at-home mommy like me, going to events was and still is a treat, moreso if you have tokens or payments to take home. But things are not as pretty as it seems.

When I realized what I got myself into, napagod ako. Wuw ang feeling ko naman, to think I only have more or less 2700 Instagram followers. Haha. I feel like ang arte ko to think about all these but it is what it is. I guess napagod lang ako with how it works — I felt like I was always at the mercy of others para lang magka-event or PR kits. I hated that feeling. Especially if you’re made to feel less about yourself for not having XX number of followers. I know I can always choose not to mind but it’s just not right.

But then again, I go back to why I really want to be in this world – I want to share snippets and stories of my motherhood life. I want to tell stories of the products that helped me. I want to be part of a community that speaks the same language as me. And to be completely honest, I want to consider this as a type of work, where my capabilities are needed, my inputs are valued. I want to gain from this blogging world, experience and monetary combined. #SaTrueLang

So, after a few weeks of thinking and deliberating with and by myself haha; I think I already know what I need to do. My my mantra this 2020 is: Stay and slay, but never get swayed away. 🙂 I repeat…

Stay and slay, but never get swayed away

I will continue what I do but this time I’ll be very careful and be more mindful. I will post because I truly believe and not just because I am asked to do so. I will be okay not to be included or considered. I will not second-guess myself and I will not think ill of others. Hard, but pretty doable.

Another thing I will do is, to focus on how I can improve my craft – how to take more interesting photos, you know not just my face, or our face haha. I want more story in every photo, may it be personal or branded content. I want myself to be someone I will never get tired of following. So help me Lord. Hehe. I hope to also learn how to communicate better, thru writing or talking or even thru simple body language.

I don’t want to get involved with senseless chismisan anymore as it drained me last year. I don’t want to be near people who has nothing good to say about others. I want to be with people who can help me grow as a person, as a Mother, and as a Content Creator.

I also promise to write and contribute more for Smart Parenting – it is after all the one that paved the way and I will be forever grateful.

Lastly, I’ll do my best to always go back to my grounding words whenever I would feel eaten by the system again.

Mark 8:36

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

That’s it pansit. Till my next entry, uhmm maybe next week? WISH! Hahaha


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Din Bautista

Hello! Welcoming you to my life through words and photos. My name is Din Real Bautista. I am proud full-time Homemaker. Most of the time, I am busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. The rest of my time, I am making sure my life is better outside social media.

20 thoughts on “Hey, 2020

        1. Ay wow thanks for dropping by and taking time to read, Fran. I am honored. Haha. Yup! Let’s bond naman without events and all. I’d like real connections this year. :))

  1. I really love your personality Mommy Din. We met sa Moms day out with Mommy Nish and ive been following you since then. (sa ig at fb ito momsh ah wag ka matakot. Haha)
    My mantra naman this year is: Self Love. As part of it i want to surround myself with positive people like you ? so thank you and keep inspiring❤️ Hope to see you again soon

    1. Awww, momshie. Super natouch naman ako dito. Thank you for the kind words. I super appreciate it. Wuw daming super. Haha. Hope to make chika with you, IG or personal. 🙂 And yes, push mo yang Self-Love. Support kita dyan, we need it. 🙂

  2. I can totally relate! I love your mantra this 2020! Had that feeling also and glad I was able to manage it last year. Mga november. Haha! Naalala ko talaga? Diba bago pa umulan ng PR and invites ng December. ? Naalala ko you were so game and helpful saken the first time we met. ? love y and please write more often ??

    1. Glad to know na-overcome mo agad. Hindi tayo nag-iisa, madami dami rin pala yung ganong pakiramdam. Hehe. Thanks for the kind words, momsh. See you when I see you. Mwah! <3

  3. The moment I met you sa Mom tribe Chritmstmas Party last 2018 I started to become interested to connect and mag feeling close hahaah with you iba ang Din effect hehehe. Ang real! kaya I reached out and follow your stories with Monica and also lakas makainfluence ng earrings. hehe. kaya salamat kapatid i wish to read, hear and see more of you. Thank you for spreading good vibes!!!

    1. Nakuuu kaka-blush naman yang comment mo, bakla! Hahaa. Close naman tayo, chika anytime you want. 🙂 Super happy ko na nag-eenjoy ka mag-ayos at mag-earrings. Sarap sa pakiramdam nyan, lakas maka ganda lalo. Haha. Mwah!

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