Twinning is a Thing

At least in our vocabulary. Yes I am that mom – the mommy who wants to twin with her daughter. Why, you would ask. I enjoy dressing up and have ourselves photographed. I feel this makes motherhood really fun.
I can clearly remember how my mom was like this to me and my brother before. She would always buy terno clothes for us. And as a grade school student, I did not appreciate, in fact I hated it. HAHA.
But look at me now, I grab every chance I get to wear matchy clothes with Monica even if it’s as simple as white shirt and denim shorts. Haha.
Since Monica is just 2 years old, I don’t often buy twinning clothes yet. I do, for special occasions, but most of the time, I just match what we have at home – may it be color or style. We don’t go twinning ALL the time but when we do, I make sure to have my husband take a photo of us. Haha. Because of this twinning thing, I came to follow and love different profiles on Instagram that showcase positivism in twinning. Thank you to the mommas who became my inspiration in this “twinning journey” haha. You guys know who you are. <3
Sharing twinning photos here!

For Beejay <3

First appeared in: SmartParentingPH


I have so many awesome photos of my daughter, and each one is made possible by my very patient and eager husband. I think it’s the same with my fellow millennial moms.

My husband takes the most beautiful candid photos of my daughter (and me!) because he knows what will make us look and feel good. No photographer will be as patient, kind, generous and loving as my husband is with my daughter and me.


I am Stay-At-Home Mommy

First appeared in SmartParentingPH:

I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) by choice, and it’s the best thing so far — but also the most challenging.

When I was working in the corporate world, I used to lead a team. I used to mingle with lots of people, attend meetings, brainstorm, handle deadlines and quotas, and many more. So imagine how my life changed when I decided to stay at home and take care of the household 24/7. I had been asked before, “What’s going to happen to your career?” to which I remember answering, “My family is worth putting my career on hold for now.”


Smart Parenting

I’ve been an avid follower of SmartParentingPH and never in my wildest dream that I thought of writing for them. I am not even a writer, duh? Haha. But the joys and cries of motherhood make me want to share my experiences to the world. I used to just write in my blog, write notes, write long captions in Social Media but now I have the avenue to express myself and be of help (somehow) to other parents out there.

I have 9 articles to date and it keeps getting better! I have an amazing editor who unselfishly and willingly help me out! Thanks Ms. Leah!

Super shout out to our friend, Rej, for paving the way for this to happen. I will never ever forget this. Thank you again, Rej!!!!!! <3

I will be posting my articles here! Yay!


Bautistas in Boracay

This is a super late post but posting anyway! I am now motivated to update my blog haha. <3 :-p

So last February 27-March 1, we went to Boracay to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Why Boracay? We wanted Monica to enjoy the fine sands and see the beauty of Boracay – even if only a little or none probably will stay in her mind. Haha. Plus we’ve always wanted to go back ever since we spent our honeymoon there in 2015.

There were a lot of firsts for Monica – first plane ride, first boat experience! It was awesome! When we were at NAIA3, Monica kept saying “ehypleyn!” “wow many ehypleyn!” These simple moments really convinced me that traveling with Monica is a must for our little family (of course if resources permit).

We stayed in Ambassador Boracay in Station 1. We rate it 7/10. Location is great, food is uhmm, so-so, service, average only, room, good. But still, it was fun.
Sharing you guys our photos from this very memorable trip.

And Monica became Ariel! Hahahaha. Super cute crochet costume from Tina of Posh Dollies. We ordered a number of costumes from them for Monica’s monthly celebration before. <3

That’s it! Thank you to my husband for the beautiful photos and for booking this trip for us! More to come, baby! I love you and Monica! <3

"Wow, I am impressed!"

“Wow, I am impressed!”

Said Monica’s pedia earlier during her monthly check-up. While we were in the clinic, she recognized different letters and started talking. She even counted from 1-6, started saying A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Yes. Monica can say it already, quite clearly. Monica can also point and say different colors: red, orange, blue, yellow, pink, black, white, green, red, and purple.

Pedia said, “your daughter is so advanced!” “You must nurture it!”

Yes, it’s true. I am not kidding nor bragging.

In my previous post, I said Monica has already mastered the objects and the alphabet at 15 months. We started with numbers and colors this month. She can point to a certain object or letter when asked. AND she can also say it when you ask even without looking at something.

Monica can already say plenty of words. She can even repeat right away and can easily remember when asked.

YES. THIS MAKES US FEEL GOOD. I think it’s normal to feel proud, yes?

I don’t know what we did or why Monica is a bit advanced. But one thing is certain: HER TONS OF BOOKS HELPED.

At 7 months, Monica was already flipping pages and would babble and mumble while pointing at letters and pictures. And as months went by, her eagerness and focus improved. What we did was encourage her interests – we bought her more books, got her a chart, alphabet puzzles, etc.

My daughter is just 1 year and 4 months and I know there are much more to see and observe. Well, I just have to let this out. I AM FREAKIN PROUD AND I GUESS IT FEELS JUST RIGHT. 🙂


Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Welcome to Toddlerhood!
I have not been able to keep up with this blog. Why? Because we have a toddler now! And people are right, there will be no to little alone or quiet time when you have a toddler! I know, I know, we have just begun and there will be more to come! Haha
Monica made her first real steps a day before her birthday. A week after, she can walk fast and straight already, wobbly for a bit but still good! She didn’t use any andador, walkers, or anything. She learned by cruising and her stand was firm because of her many, many floor time. I allowed her to crawl anywhere she pleases. And I think it helped her a lot.
At first we were really proud and excited! First time parents, what do you expect? But lately, I would dream of the infant Monica because this stage is really tiring! She would really explore, walk, scream, laugh, anything! Haha.
She has also become a picky eater. When she hit 1, things changed. I never had a problem feeding her anything, but now, it takes A LOT OF EFFORT to feed her solids. She would just grab the boobies and latch. Yes, exclusively breastfeeding for almost 16 months now. Feeding her solid food stresses me at times because I am worried she won’t get enough nutrition but the pedia told me it’s normal and I won’t have to worry since her weight and height are above average.
Too many milestones! Yes, that’s right. She can already say more than 20 words, just say a word and she will repeat. When she hit 1 year and 2 months, she learned her body parts already (and say it). At 1 year 3 months, she already knows all the letters in the alphabet. She would practice on her own and look at the chart. She will say the letters when she sees one. And believe me, there are letters anywhere! Haha.
Oh no, before you think that we force her or we teach her too much, stop. The reason why we “teach” her is because she showed interest first. I guess the credit goes to her books. We would buy her books every week and she got accustomed to it. She loves books. Good thing!
Social skills I believe is at par also. She loves being with other kids – she enjoys playing. But she would cry when she sees “strangers”. I was told it’s normal and it’s actually a developmental milestone. It’s just a phase so no worries.
Each baby is different. That’s true. But as a parent, it is normal to feel proud of every (and any) thing that yoru baby does. No matter how big or small, whatever your baby does, you will feel proud. Haha. I swear! Even a very sweet smile is already a reason to be proud. Hahahaha.
If you ask me how we are as parents? I am not an OC mom. Weird ba? I just let her. I trust Monica and just let her. Beej is more protective which is understandable. #DaddysGirl. Haha.
Anyhow, too early to tell. But for now, Monica, at 15 months – I guess, it’s safe to say that Beej and I are doing okay in raising her. The real challenge begins when she hit adulthood. Okay, sige teenager. Haha.
So there. That’s the Monica update! <3
Till next!

Monica's First Birthday

Our Little Miss Sunshine is One.

Well, we did not throw her a big party – just a simple get together with closest family and friends to celebrate Monica’s first birthday. We’re very practical parents and to think that it’s only Beej who brings money to the household, we opted not to spend too much on our baby’s birthday. Plus Monica won’t remember a party so big naman. But, of course, if we have the super huge amount of pera, why not organize a bonggang party right? 🙂

Anyhow, we chose Little Miss Sunshine because as you all know, Monica is a ray of sunshine to us and to those people who love and adore her. She has always been a happy and smiling baby – with only less than 10 episodes of fussiness in her 1 year of existence. Imagine how bait and happy my baby is? Such a darling, really! <3

We initially thought of just celebrating her birthday at Jollibee: 1. Because it’s a complete package, affordable at that. 2. The daddy loves Jollibee – like the dancing mascot! Haha.

But the closest Jollibee in our area could not accommodate 100pax so we let it go and looked for another one. I thought of the Dad’s Merienda buffet (Glorietta) and inquired. Yay for free function room and sound system usage for a guaranteed guests of 100. Super nice! The merienda buffet is P258 per person only! What a deal! To cut it short, we signed the contract and pushed through with the plan: just have merienda, simple styling, and blow the cake ceremony for Monica.

It was a success I must say! Guests went home busog and had fun doing some chika chika with common friends. Our birthday girl didn’t smile a lot during the party, but hey, she did not cry at all. Probably just gulat with all the people trying to greet her. Haha.
Sharing some photos from our dearest friends, Rickson and Joy of Lomograpika.


Venue: Dad’s Glorietta
Photographer: Rickson Chew and Juya Calvez Chew of Lomograpika Design Studios
Styling: Mau of  Mauzzzy’s Events and Balloons
Cake: Maj of Majesty Cakes
Monica’s Dresses: Sugarkissed and Kariannas Closet
Monica’s Shoes: Mini Melissa Ph


Breastfeeding Feels

Breastfeeding Unfiltered
Among all the things I am proud of in my life, nothing beats nurturing my child.
Thirteen months of exclusive and direct breastfeeding. Yes, that’s a feat. I know not all mothers are blessed with this gift that’s why I am so thankful that I am. My breastfeeding journey is not at all stressful – in fact, I have always had good milk supply, my daughter latches so well, and so on.
But my story is about how much I have embraced breastfeeding. I may not have had a stressful journey but sustaining it is not a walk in the park either. I am a work at home mom, with no yaya nor helper. It’s just me and husband with our baby. To say that I am always tired is an understatement – it really is no joke to take care of a baby and the whole household.
I don’t have a regular ‘me’ time, I have not gone out with friends alone – I always bring my daughter because she directly feeds from me and I don’t have the heart to leave her. There were days that I would just scream and cry because of exhaustion and depression (normal for moms). But, whenever I look at my daughter, all ill feelings go away. She would latch on me, either to satisfy hunger or to seek comfort. Knowing that I give her the best that I can, is more than enough to keep me going.
I have never been this fulfilled in my life. Knowing that I nurture my daughter the best way I know makes me feel super. Thanks to our breastfeeding journey. Also, I could have not done this without the support from my husband, family, and friends. They all cheered me on and made sure I am also well-fed and happy.  🙂
August is Breastfeeding Month – hence, this post and photo. I am so proud!
Till next,

The Mommy Hair

Hair was never really a concern in my life – I believe I’ve been blessed with a very healthy and manageable hair UNTIL mommyhood! Haha. This is one thing that nobody warned me about. YOU WILL GO CRAZY with your hair – well at least based on my experience. Well, yeah, not really crazy but definitely disturbing.

At 4 months post-partum, I started having problems with hair fall (due to hormonal changes after pregnancy and child-birth). I would literally see hair strandsssss everywhere! And even if I just sit still and do nothing, my hair falls off! Imagine that. So annoying!

At around 10 months post-partum, I felt I needed to regroup and change my aura so I will feel good about myself. Yeah, motherhood is really tiring and consuming so yes, you can say that I belong to the mothers who, most of the time, forget to take care of themselves. Anyhow, I had my hair curled (digiperm) because I thought that would make me feel good. Well, at some point it did. Who would not want to wake up every single day with your hair looking like you’re going to a party or event? Haha. Yeah, i loved my curls.

But… it’s hard to maintain because I always needed to tie it up so it won’t add to the things I have to manage and think of everyday. Whenever we go out, I would let my curls down but not even 2 hours outside, i would feel irritated and will just tie up again so as to make sure it won’t get to Monica’s face or Monica pulling it. Haha.

So one day, I woke up wanting to just cut my hair short. I wanted a different look. I wanted my hair to be the least of my worries and still feel good about it. Tadaaaaa. Monica and I went to the salon and had my hair cut! AND I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS GOOD ABOUT MY HAIR. YAY!

So here’s the evolution of my hair. Lels

This one, the day before I have birth. See, my hair was really long. And messy. Really. Haha

2016-06-23 19.23.53

Then 2months post-partum, I had it cut so that I would feel pretty naman. Haha. Pardon my haggard and puyat look. MOTHERHOOD YEAH. Thanks to Azta Urban Salon for this.


This one is the kulot version by Tony and Jackey on the 10th month post-partum.


And this one is the latest. SO HAPPY WITH THIS!! Thanks to Mike of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell!


If there’s one thing that motherhood taught me, that’s to be brave. BRAVE ENOUGH TO TRY. In my case, try this short hair look. Nyahahahaha. But I love it! They said short hair won’t be bagay to chubby faces like mine, I’d say, KEBS. I did it for convenience actually. I feel very light and I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair now. And most importantly, this makes me feel really good. So KEBS sa big face. Haha.

Till next,