Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester

I was conscious with my weight gain, with how I do my exercise, with how I looked, and with what I eat. Blame it to the hormones and the pregnancy stuff I’ve been reading. I stayed active. I would swim or walk everyday, I would control the portions of my food – except for really, really “hungy days”. I gained just about right. And just like that, I entered the last trimester.

Our little bacon grew much bigger, more active, and healthier. We had a 3D/4D scan on the 7th month and found out she looked so much like her daddy. She did not even want to show her whole face but we can tell, she would be a daddy look-a-like.

At this point in my pregnancy, I have enjoyed chats with my co-pregnant friends, my mommy friends, and those friends who want to be preggy too. I must say I learned a lot from them more than the stuff I’ve been reading online. It actually helped a lot that I stayed connected with the right support group.

The last few weeks of my pregnancy paved way for my nesting stage. I re-arranged our unit, prepared it to be baby-friendly and made sure everything is ready. We shopped for baby stuff and welcomed those pre-loved ones given by family and friends.

My mom organized a last minute baby shower for us and I was really overjoyed! It was simple but a very memorable one!
And, the waiting game begins….
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