Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester

Almost every mommy I knew told me that 2nd trimester’s their favorite part of pregnancy. It’s the time when all the morning sickness will be gone and that I can really enjoy being pregnant. Also, it’s the time when the ‘bump’ will start to show up.
I was really excited for all my nausea and throwing up to stop. I have lost 6-7lbs for the past 3 mos. Partly I was happy because hello, I lost lbs and was assured that baby was fine. But not so much since losing weight equated to being uneasy all the time. Hehe.
Stress at work was really piling up that time. Beej and I decided that I should quit my office job for now and just focus on the baby. I resigned and stayed at home. At first it was not easy to put my career on hold, but if it meant my little bacon will be healthy and strong, then, it’s fine. I commend my husband for being so hardworking and being so supportive. Best Dad and Husband Awardee! <3
Without me really looking, I got a message from a Recruitment Head asking if I am interested to be a Researcher/Sourcer while working at home. Of course I said yes! That’s the plan – for me to get an online job while focusing on my pregnancy.
Monthly check-ups were made. We also changed our Ob-Gyne because Dra. Syki-Young’s rate was really high and we wanted to be practical. I researched and found Dra. Socorro Caedo-Lim – referred by one of my friends too. She was warm, pleasant, and nice. At first I was hesitant as she was very timid and not at all chikadora but her rate was within our target so who are we to complain? Hehe.

At 20 weeks, we went on for another ultrasound: Congenital Anomaly Scan, to check if everything was okay with little bacon and to know what the gender was. As soon as they’re done with the ultrasound, they called Beej to let us know that we were having a GIRL. I was excited but in my heart I kinda knew we were having a girl right from the very start. Instinct I believe.

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