Prior to getting married, Beej and I agreed to wait for 6 months to 1 year before having a baby. So after getting married, we enjoyed our time just the two of us. Five months of being together, we talked about trying to conceive and prepared ourselves. We were excited.

I resigned from my graveyard shift job and applied to a regular day-job, did some exercise, and quit smoking. We had ourselves checked to make sure we really are ready. On the first month, I tested and it was negative. I felt a bit sad and thought to myself, “it’s not that easy to get pregnant even if I know my period and cycle so damn well.”

And so we tried again. I remember it clearly, October 4, 2015 – I knew I was fertile then, but I didn’t tell my husband as I know pressure won’t help. Hehe. Night of October 6, we did it again. In my head, I loved it of course, but in my heart I knew, that was it.

October 20, 2016, I was supposed to have my period but it didn’t happen. I thought it was probably because of too much stress in the office. So I waited. October 24, still no period but I was feeling tired and my back really hurt – just like whenever my period is about to come. But that night, I bought Pregnancy Test Kit already, just because I was almost 5 days delayed, something that never happened in the past.

Six in the morning of October 25, I woke up anxious. Not sure if it’s because I felt like peeing or because I was excited to do the PT. Beej was sleeping soundly, I did not want to wake him up. So I went ahead and checked. In just a matter of 10 seconds, 2 lines showed up! That fast. I did not even blink and saw how it formed two lines right after I put my pee on it. I cannot explain how I felt – I was shaking, speechless. Went to husband and gently woke him up. He said, “wow” and hugged me.

At 10am, he bought 2 more PT kits just to double check. And those two came with 2 lines again. So happy! We went ahead and told our mothers. We prepared for the day because we’re scheduled to have lunch at Rej and Oneal’s place. They were the first ones to know about the good news!

After that, we heard mass and sincerely thanked the Lord for this blessing. And since then, there’s never a time that I did not touch and talk to my tummy. I felt love at that very moment. <3

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Hello! Welcoming you to my life through words and photos. My name is Din Real Bautista. I am proud full-time Homemaker. Most of the time, I am busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. The rest of my time, I am making sure my life is better outside social media.

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