Isla Sugbu Seafood City (Venice Mall) Experience: DISAPPOINTING

This is a Public Service Announcement, not meant to degrade, talk shit, or put down someone or something. This is purely factual and objective as it’s based on our experience.
A lot may have seen or checked out Isla Sugbu Seafood City in Venice Mall. I was one of those who got curious because who wouldnt, it’s unlimited seafood for only Php 888 promo price (regular rate is Php 1300).
So I forced my friends to go there for lunch. Here’s our experience. Again, this was OUR experience.
1. The staff who answered my call for reservation, Lady, was very nice and accommodating.
2. Place is new, so it looks and feels clean. Lighting was really good and very inviting.
3. Food seems fresh because you can see aquarium and all but then, the only things included in Php 888 are the ones on ice. Pwede na. They will assist you in choosing and knowing the type of dish you want. Very Dampa.
Those are the only 3 good points I can say. Here’s the sad part:
1. While waiting for our food, may nabasag na baso about 2-3 tables from us. Nahulog ng waiter. Of course they were quick to clean it up. While cleaning up, the waiter accidentally kicked the bottom part of the glass and it went straight under our table! It could have hit me, my friend, and worse, Monica since she was about to go down from the chair!!! Imagine!!! Pano kung natamaan ng bubog ang anak ko sa katawan or mata or whatever?? That thought made me really furious and went straight to them. The waiter said sorry but I still called the manager. To be fair they apologized but it’s still not enough. Yes accidents happen, but they better be extra careful. Sayang I was not able to take a photo of the broken glass.
2. I asked for a high chair and had to make kulit 3 waiters for me to be accommodated. Worse, binalibag lang at first kasi inuna yun ibang table. They could have atleast informed me to wait. This is 15 mins after I got mad from the first incident. Talaga ba, ganon na lang? Customers don’t matter? Or yung mga sikat lang dapat nyo iaccommodate?
3. I was told to wait for about 30mins for our orders to be cooked and served. Ayun, more than 1 hr, dumating yung sea grapes. After 10mins, yung buttered shrimp. Then sigur 1 hr 30 mins dumating yun iba. Take note, patapos na kami kumain, di pa kumpleto ang orders. We had to ask na ipagluto ulit kasi syempre gutom na and super tagal. Mali ulit yung order, hinayaan na lang namin kasi andun na eh.
4. Nothing special with the food. Mas masarap sa Dampa or even you can cook it. Di rin super fresh and di na crunchy yun calamari pagdating samin.
5. Kinain na lang kasi super gutom na and hello sayang ang Php888!
So there. It was really a bad experience to the point that I will use the hashtag #NeverAgain. Sure it’s new and probably on a dry run or beta phase but hindi ba dapat best foot forward rin naman sa umpisa? Overall, no value for money, food and experience-wise, it’s 1/5.
Lesson: Don’t ever believe what you see online lalo pag mga celebrities ang nagpost haha. Not that they are liars but because they’re treated more importantly than regular people. It’s a fact. Hope they will be better in the coming days. Sayang ang hype.
UPDATE: The COO contacted me this morning and he apologized. I appreciate the gesture and I felt the sincerity but some things never change. I don’t think my impression will get better. But hopefully they will learn their lesson and improve.

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