Twinning is a Thing

At least in our vocabulary. Yes I am that mom – the mommy who wants to twin with her daughter. Why, you would ask. I enjoy dressing up and have ourselves photographed. I feel this makes motherhood really fun.
I can clearly remember how my mom was like this to me and my brother before. She would always buy terno clothes for us. And as a grade school student, I did not appreciate, in fact I hated it. HAHA.
But look at me now, I grab every chance I get to wear matchy clothes with Monica even if it’s as simple as white shirt and denim shorts. Haha.
Since Monica is just 2 years old, I don’t often buy twinning clothes yet. I do, for special occasions, but most of the time, I just match what we have at home – may it be color or style. We don’t go twinning ALL the time but when we do, I make sure to have my husband take a photo of us. Haha. Because of this twinning thing, I came to follow and love different profiles on Instagram that showcase positivism in twinning. Thank you to the mommas who became my inspiration in this “twinning journey” haha. You guys know who you are. <3
Sharing twinning photos here!