My love for Millennial Moms PH

Millennial Moms PH is a community every mom needs – it’s a safe, non-judgmental, non-partisan, happy, and helpful place for all of us moms.
We all know that motherhood is very much overwhelming. Yes, we love our little ones to death, but it’s also accurate that there are days when we just want to get out of the house and run. There are days when insecurity and guilt will eat you up. There are days you feel inadequate as a mother. And that’s why a group like Millennial Moms PH is such an amazing room for a breather.

I learned about this community when, Dette Zulueta, founder of Millennial Moms Ph, followed me on Instagram. Out of curiosity, I checked it out and followed back. In an instant, I knew it’s something I am comfortable in joining in. As days go by, I see positive posts, engaging topics, and most importantly, I gained new IG friends. What’s good about MMPh is, they don’t choose who the members are, they do not just adhere to only one parenting style. You will not feel attacked nor judged just because of the parenting decisions you make. This community will only support and never make you feel less about how you raise your child.
Aside from tips, advices, product reviews, this group also holds regular #MomTribeMeetUp wherein mommies are invited to join and participate. Different topics are discussed every Meet-Up and it feels so refreshing to finally see the moms you normally just see online. I will never forget my first ever MomTribe Meet-Up as it opened my vulnerability. It was a topic by the power couple Omni & Bryce about Parenting Shared and we all learned a lot. I was also given a chance to share my own experience and shout to the world how blessed I am to have a husband like Beejay. Not only did we take home fun and laughter from the event, our hands were also filled with goodies from the very generous sponsors. What else would you look for, right? You come in with hope to learn something and you go with almost everything you need and more. What a joy to be part of Millennial Moms Ph!!!

I am so proud of Dette and her team for the amazing work they’ve been doing since Day 1. All these are moms who just want to share their love to the whole mommy community. They are doing the best they can to make each mom feel they are valued and not alone. If there’s one gift I can give to every mom I would meet, that is to inform them of this group and ask them to join. <3

In this generation where everything is posted online and your every move is almost always calculated, it’s refreshing to find a safe place you can just lounge in. Moms who don’t judge other moms. It’s very important that we respect each other and never impose what we know to another.
PS: Big thanks to their powerful and generous sponsors also! All of us appreciate everything given to us.

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