Parenting Tips and Tricks

Wow big words. Let me just put a disclaimer onset – I am, in NO way, an expert in parenting. I only have 3 years of solid experience plus I don’t think anyone can be called an expert because parenting is a life-long hit and miss. Always a work-in-progress.

So when Dette Zulueta, founder of @millennialmomsph, asked me to be one of the mommies who will share for the MMPH segment in #MommyMundoWorld3, I got so excited and nervous. Like, anong sasabihin ko diba? Aside sa shy type ako, hindi ko sure if may maii-share ba akong worthwhile. Haha.

I, together with Dette, Ley, Doc Gellina, and Kalai, wholeheartedly shared our tips and tricks about parenting. Such an honor to share the stage with all of them!

Photo Credit to: Alfie Saniel

So here’s what I talked about:


I answered just one but there’s actually two I want to share:

CHILL. Relax momma! Chill lang momshies. Hehe. I know it’s easier said than done and I don’t think moms can really chill, but hey, we need to breathe, too. Motherhood is already chaotic, will it help kung lagi tayong stressed?

What I meant by chill is, let’s try not to over-worry or over-think. Pero syempre, if being an “OA Mom” does not stress you out, that’s completely fine. On the other hand, if thinking too much about, let’s say the food that your kid should eat, the toys your kids should play, etc, brings out the monster in you, then time to pause and think. Time to chill. Are you the type who can’t let go? Like palagi kang nakabantay sa anak mo? I am not. Are you the type na palaging punas sa katawan at kamay? Or sanitizer every minute? Or linis every hour? Haha. I am definitely not like that. Simply because, it stresses me out. And when I am stressed, it’s gonna be worse than the effect of Monica eating dirt. Lol.

Plus a mom has already 100000 things on her plate each day, so we deserve to have a breather every now and then. If have to check on every little thing, mabubuang tayo. Remember, our child needs a happy mom the most. <3

WAIT FOR YOUR CHILD, STILL, CHILL. FOLLOWING THE LEAD OF YOUR CHILD. I always keep in mind that I should follow her interests and not mine, wait for her time and not get pressured. Follow what she wants and not what I want. Haha. Hindi ba obvious that all I want is to chill? 😛 What do I mean by this?

I mean, just stay put and let your child be a child, a baby. Don’t rush things. They are only little once and it won’t help if we will insist things to happen our way. Iba-iba naman ang bata. Hindi porke’t nangyari sa anak ng kaibigan natin at a certain age, ganon rin ang anak natin. Syempre wala namang bata ang parehas. Like my story on Potty Training . I just waited for Monica to be ready and then when it happened, it’s better than what I expected. Normal lang naman na umasa of course, pero what I find not helping is, if we pressure ourselves and our kids just so we can say that we are on time or even ahead. Stress yun.

Another story I wanna share is, yung pagsusulat ni Monica. I actually felt she’s a bit late in writing. After all, hindi naman sya super galing kumain and hindi rin BLW so I know hirap sya how to hold a pencil or crayon and doodle. I thought oh no, late sya. But then I didn’t let that thought get into me. And hello, 3years old lang sya. Hindi naman pwedeng hindi sya matututong magsulat lol. So I waited. Few weeks ago, she started showing interests in doodling so I just gave her materials so she can practice. One day, I witnessed her drawing a person, not the stick version like what I do haha! With eyes, nose, etc. Imagine my surprise and happiness! I thought to myself, had I forced her to write, I wouldn’t probably feel that delighted and she would not have enjoyed the process as much as she did.

I swear and stand by my hack: Just chill. Parenthood is chaotic and messy, but it is also beautiful so let’s all enjoy it. <3


Every day is a challenge to be a better mother. There are days when you just wish you are not one. That’s true. No matter how much I love being a mother, there are still days that I wish I am still my old self. But then reality kicks in and I am a mom who is privileged to raise a kid.

In my 3 years as a parent, with no helper and no relatives nearby, I have encountered countless challenges already. Feeding Monica, putting her to sleep, cleaning the house, sickness, and many more. Those are valid ones and it really happens every day.

But there’s one thing I consider the most challenging. How to toughen up Monica. I guess all parents want all things beautiful for their child. Who does not want the best life, right? While I see nothing wrong with that, I think it’s a potential downside in the future. In the video clip below, I explained how we, as parents, only want good things for our children. Pero syempre, we cannot always do things for them. Even if we want to make things easy and simple for them para hindi sila mahirapan, we can’t and we shouldn’t do it. Otherwise we are not helping them at all.

In this generation, it’s a challenge for us parents to make sure we raise strong and kind individuals. After all, sila ang mahihirapan pag wala na tayo diba? And I don’t want Monica to be sheltered. I don’t want things all easy for her. She won’t learn from it. If that is not challenging enough, ewan ko na lang.

Do we share the same thoughts? 🙂

Hope you learn something from this. Super thank you to the amazing #MommyMundo team for coming up with events like this. Truly #TheUltimateMomResourceDestination <3

SPECIAL MENTION TO MY FRIENDS WHO CAME AND SUPPORTED, EVEN DOCUMENTED OUR TALK – Shella, Akira, Seyrah, Alfie, Vianne, Miles, Cherry in spirit, Irene, Iam, and Lara, and the whole mommy community who cheered us on!!! Love you all!!!!! <3 #NAKS

My love for Millennial Moms PH

Millennial Moms PH is a community every mom needs – it’s a safe, non-judgmental, non-partisan, happy, and helpful place for all of us moms.
We all know that motherhood is very much overwhelming. Yes, we love our little ones to death, but it’s also accurate that there are days when we just want to get out of the house and run. There are days when insecurity and guilt will eat you up. There are days you feel inadequate as a mother. And that’s why a group like Millennial Moms PH is such an amazing room for a breather.

I learned about this community when, Dette Zulueta, founder of Millennial Moms Ph, followed me on Instagram. Out of curiosity, I checked it out and followed back. In an instant, I knew it’s something I am comfortable in joining in. As days go by, I see positive posts, engaging topics, and most importantly, I gained new IG friends. What’s good about MMPh is, they don’t choose who the members are, they do not just adhere to only one parenting style. You will not feel attacked nor judged just because of the parenting decisions you make. This community will only support and never make you feel less about how you raise your child.
Aside from tips, advices, product reviews, this group also holds regular #MomTribeMeetUp wherein mommies are invited to join and participate. Different topics are discussed every Meet-Up and it feels so refreshing to finally see the moms you normally just see online. I will never forget my first ever MomTribe Meet-Up as it opened my vulnerability. It was a topic by the power couple Omni & Bryce about Parenting Shared and we all learned a lot. I was also given a chance to share my own experience and shout to the world how blessed I am to have a husband like Beejay. Not only did we take home fun and laughter from the event, our hands were also filled with goodies from the very generous sponsors. What else would you look for, right? You come in with hope to learn something and you go with almost everything you need and more. What a joy to be part of Millennial Moms Ph!!!

I am so proud of Dette and her team for the amazing work they’ve been doing since Day 1. All these are moms who just want to share their love to the whole mommy community. They are doing the best they can to make each mom feel they are valued and not alone. If there’s one gift I can give to every mom I would meet, that is to inform them of this group and ask them to join. <3

In this generation where everything is posted online and your every move is almost always calculated, it’s refreshing to find a safe place you can just lounge in. Moms who don’t judge other moms. It’s very important that we respect each other and never impose what we know to another.
PS: Big thanks to their powerful and generous sponsors also! All of us appreciate everything given to us.

@pldthome, @tempraph, @eastwoodmall_ and @richmonde_erh. The major sponsors are: @absolutedistilled, @atlanticdelightsph, @beginningsbaby, @nestle_wellness #Cerelac, @kindercareph, @megamalunggay, @megamangosteen, @pampersph,, @vpharmaph and @mommysmartsteps @123babyph, @aveenoph, @babycompanyph, @babydovecare, @belobabylove, @berzbabyph, @betadinephils, @betadinefreshblissph, @botanicals_inbloom,, @caprichosapambahays, #CeconPlus, @ceoemporium,, @cusinahome, @faithhopeloveskinfood

KinderCare Ultra-safe Baby Wipes – Really the SAFEST!

I never had to really focus on baby wipes until I became a mother. Pre-baby, wipes are something I can totally live without haha. Post-baby, OMG, wipes are something I should not leave the house without. For real. When you have a baby, you can go and do whatever if you have it in your bag. It’s basically, an answer to anything! From an infant who pooped, a toddler who touched anything she sees, a sweaty child, nasty little face, hands, unsanitary high chair and table, to a stressed parent who has dirt all over because of his/her kid! Haha.

It’s a given, we NEED it. But do we settle with just knowing how important it is? No right? As a mom, especially when it comes to your baby, there should be no compromise, as they say.

I am not a meticulous mom, well, at least not yet. Probably because I am not a maselan type of person. But of course as a mommy, all I want is what’s best for my baby. So whenever I see a baby product that says organic or natural, it would be instinct to get whatever that is.

For a loooong time, we’ve been hoarding an organic type of baby wipes, thinking that it’s safe and natural. And boy we were wrong! It really pays to read the label!

Thanks to KinderCare Ultra-safe Baby Wipes! I learned that products that say “natural” don’t mean 100% natural. It still has chemicals that can be harmful to us and and our little ones. What we have to check is the tag “All Natural” because that one is guaranteed to be really legit.

With KinderCare Ultra-safe Baby Wipes, the tag line “All Natural” holds true as they have ZERO harmful chemicals: zero parabens, zero phenoxyethanol, zero methylisothiazolinone, zero synthetic fragrances, zero lanolin, zero SLS/SLES and zero alcohol.
Wow big words. I know. To those who know me, you will say, ako ba’to? Am I really that particular? With this one, I’d say yes. Especially now that Monica is a toddler already. I remember seeing a viral post on Facebook about a kid who suffered severe rashes on face and body because of baby wipes – that alone terrified me, verified incident or not. So better be safe than sorry, right?
Why settle for anything less when the best is just within reach? I strongly urge my fellow parents to try this out! <3

For those asking, here’s the price range and the stores we can get this from (I know I know, if there’s one thing we can complain about this brand – SANA NATIONWIDE, ALL LEADING SUPERMARKET AND DRUG STORE AVAILABLE, right? Haha. But in the meantime, here’s what they’ve got:

Kc-324 wet wipes 25’s – Php 69.90
Kc-325 80’s – Php 129.90
Kc-326 w/ plastic cover – Php 139.90
Kc-327 w/ tub – Php 219.90
Kc-328 10’s – Php24.90
Online exclusive of a pack of 6 80’s wipes – Php715 plus shipping fee.
Shipping fee: Flatrate of Php 180 for Metro Manila and Php200 for provincial.
Here are the list of stores where KinderCare is available in Metro Manila:
Robinson’s Department Store Ermita
Robinson’s Supermarket Ermita
Robinson’s Supermarket Otis
Robinson’s Supermarket 168
Robinson’s Supermarket Cloverleaf
Robinson’s Supermarket Pioneer
Mart One North Edsa
Metro Market Market
Ever Commonwealth
M1 Guadalupe
Sta. Lucia Department Store